Funny Gifts for Women for Christmas

If you’re not sure quite what to get a particular woman on your list, why not just have fun with it? Here are some great ideas for just about any woman, whether she’s a [...]

Easy Christmas Ham with Glaze Recipe

Ham is always a favorite in this household and I love to make it at Christmas because it’s super easy and always impressive. Leftover ham is also great for sandwiches [...]

9 Fun Summer Crafts

Even though we helped cure the “I’m Bored’s” a few posts ago, a parent can use all the help they can get, right? If you’re kids are into crafting, here are a few [...]

Homemade Gift Ideas For Mom

No matter how fancy it is, if you give Mom a homemade gift she will appreciate it. There’s just something about Moms that love to get something personally made by their [...]

Tips For Gutter Cleaning

A seasonal chore for every homeowner is gutter cleaning. It’s not the nicest thing to do, but it is necessary for proper home maintenance. It’s important because [...]

Landscaping In Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens are more often referred to as sunken gardens. They are planted lower than the surrounding ground level to better catch the rain water. It’s not hard to [...]
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