The Lemonade Stand and Other Business Ideas for Kids

If your kids are like mine, they’re always trying to come up with ideas for earning extra money. They’ve got that entrepreneurial spirit and I try to do what I can to foster that. The experiences they get and the lessons they learn now will serve them well into the future.

If your kids have a desire to set up shop this summer, here are a few business ideas for kids.

* Drink or Snack Stand: It’s an old classic and probably the simplest idea for young children. Unfortunately, roadside lemonade sales aren’t quite what they used to be, but it’s a great experience for young ones.

* Garage or Yard Sale: It’s a great way for kids to clear their rooms of clutter and make some money. You can help children price their items, make sure they get enough signs around the neighborhood and invite friends and family to attend.

* eBay Sales: Take the garage or yard sale and go digital. With your supervision, kids can learn to sell items on eBay and other online sites. They will learn skills like photography, writing descriptions, written communication, budgeting for shipping and more.

* Blogging: While most new bloggers may not make much money to start, maintaining a blog allows your children to express themselves creatively and to grow business skills as well. They can actually set up a free blog with services like or

* Lawn Maintenance and Odd Jobs: Your kids can place flyers in the mailboxes around the neighborhood, offering their services for mowing lawns, watering gardens and doing other odd jobs around the house.

Dog and puppy walking* Dog Walking: Many people will appreciate the opportunity to have someone walk their dog while they are away during the day. It also helps ensure your children stay active while they’re earning extra money.

* House and Pet Sitting: While your neighbors are on vacation, your kids can help take in mail, water plants and even take care of pets. It’s peace of mind for your neighbors and teaches plenty of responsibility to your children.

* Cleaning: If your children have some commendable cleaning talents, they can rent those out. Whether it’s regular vacuuming or cleaning windows, there are plenty of cleaning services they can offer.

* Tutoring: Many parents look for the opportunity for their children to brush up on or improve their educational skills in the summer. This is a great opportunity for your own children to offer their tutoring services.

* Sell Handmade Items on Etsy: Selling on Etsy can be really fun and creative, but word of warning, research should be done before spending time making handmade items. It’s easy for kids to get gung-ho about a craft they like, but if it’s not something people are willing to pay for, it can be a wasted effort.

Not only is starting a little side business a great learning experience for your children, it sure is a great “I’m Bored” buster too. Talk to your kids and see which ideas interest them most and see how you might be able to make it happen.

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