9 Fun Summer Crafts

Even though we helped cure the “I’m Bored’s” a few posts ago, a parent can use all the help they can get, right? If you’re kids are into crafting, here are a few fun crafts you might want to try.

Make crafts with seashells* Seashell crafts: With a bit of glue, some shells and maybe some googly eyes, kids can create seashell characters and scenes.

* Tie-dyed t-shirts: Always a great make-em-outside type of craft. Get some plain white t-shirts, elastic bands and hot water dye…and you’re good to go.

* Make a Kite: All you need is some old newspapers, sticks, masking tape and string to make a homemade kite. Children can paint the newspaper to customize their kite.

Tie Dye* Homemade Sidewalk Chalk: Who knew you could make your own chalk? All you need is two parts Plaster of Paris to one part acrylic or tempera paint. Place in molds until fully dry (up to 48 hours) and you’ve got chalk!

* Vacation Memory Jars: Here’s a cool idea from Martha Stewarts’ website. Kids can place all their souvenirs and memories from a vacation in a jar and then place it on display in their room.

* Patio Lanterns: Lanterns can be made from used tin cans. Just clean them out and use a hammer and a nail to draw a design with small holes. Of course, adults will need to make the holes, but children can paint the cans afterward. Insert a candle, wait until dark and light it up.

* Fun Flip-Flops: Decorate your flip flops with jewels, flowers and other fun embellishments.

* Nature’s Paintbrushes: Use items from nature to create unique brush strokes on your next pain project. Try dandelions, sticks and more.

* Summer Treats: Get crafty with food. Make treats like popsicles and homemade ice cream. I’ve even got some more ideas for these in the next couple of posts.

It’s easy to get fun and creative this summer with some inexpensive supplies. You probably even have most of the supplies needed in your house right now. Have fun using your imagination!

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