15 Popsicle Ideas:
Sweet Treats to Beat the Heat

Popsicle IdeasThe kids (big and small) in this house love popsicles and coming up with new and creative flavors. Seriously, you can’t really go wrong when their frozen treats involved. If you’d like to boost your popsicle creativity, here are 12 ideas for your popsicle molds.

* A Variety of Juices: Instead of using the juice you have on hand, explore different flavors and put them to a taste test. If you’re concerned about sugar content, make sure to choose juices that have no sugar added.

* Sodas Make Delicious Popsicles: You may not want to make a habit it of this, but soda pops make awesome popsicles. Whether it’s Coca-Cola or cream soda, they’re pretty much guaranteed to please. Make sure to leave extra space at the top of each popsicle because the carbonated beverages will expand.

* Add Fruit Pieces: From berries to pieces of melon, fruit is a wonderful addition to any popsicle. My son even recently insisted we added grapes to our latest batch. I was skeptical, but the result was delicious and refreshing.

Berries* Fruit Puree: Instead of fruit chunks, you can puree fruit for a nice smooth texture. Berries, mangoes, peaches and kiwi all work very well.

* Pudding: Adding pudding to a popsicle makes for a richer texture. Prepare the pudding as usual and add a little cool whip or whipped cream for a creamier result.

* Jell-O: Don’t let pudding have all the fun; you can also add Jell-O to your popsicle mold. Prepare it as usual and let it chill in the freezer, instead of the fridge.

* Yogurt: Help them get their calcium and Probiotics in a frozen treat. Yogurt is an easy addition to a popsicle. You can even layer your yogurt for a colorful result.

* Cookie Crumbs: Crumbled Oreos and other cookie crumbs go very well with a dairy-based popsicle like a pudding or yogurt pop.

Pudding* Tea: This brings iced tea to a whole new level. Try a variety of flavored herbal teas for a wonderful summertime treat.

* Vegetables: Yes, even some vegetables go well in popsicles. Try a carrot or yam puree. Or how about some mashed avocado.

* Other Ideas: Try things like melted chocolate, peanut butter, Nutella, herbs and even add health boosts like wheat germ.

The key to a great popsicle is to experiment. If you think it will taste good, try it out. Chances are, you’ll have a hit. And remember, popsicles aren’t just for kids. Any of these ideas are great for adults and I’ll have some more adult-oriented frozen treat ideas for you next time.

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