Frozen Treats Aren’t Just for Kids:
Yummy Adult Refreshments to Cool Off

Enhanced MilkshakeAs my time here is soon coming to an end, I thought it was time to reserve some fun for us adults. Last time, I shared 15 things you can put into your popsicles that we all kid-friendly. Now this time, let’s switch gears and talk about some frozen treats for adults to enjoy.

* Enhanced Milkshakes: Add a little creme de menth, Kahlua, Sambuca or Irish cream

* Coffee Popsicles: Don’t let Starbucks corner the market on frozen coffee treats when you can make your own at home. To make a coffee popsicle, brew your coffee as usual. Add your favorite sweetener and experiment with a variety of flavored creams.

* Iced Coffee: If you don’t feel like a coffee popsicle, you can still make your own chilled coffee drinks. Fill a glass with ice all the way to the top, add your coffee and flavoring. Use ice cubes made from coffee if you don’t have a watered down result.

* Margaritas and Daiquiris: You can’t go wrong with these yummy drinks. For the uninitiated, margaritas are made with tequila and daiquiris are made with rum. So pick your liquor flavor of choice. You can use a variety of fruit purees to make your slush.

Lime for Margaritas* Booze-Enriched Popsicles: Take any of the popsicle ideas in my last post and add some liquor. For soda-based popsicles try things like vodka or rum. For cream based popsicles, try your favorite liqueur.

* Snowcone Martinis: Add some shaved ice to a martini glass, shake up your favorite martini, pour into the glass and enjoy.

* Bailey’s (or insert your favorite liqueur) Ice Cream: Put that ice cream machine to work with a batch of Bailey’s ice cream. Add just a little bit of flavor or more, if you prefer.

Vodka Watermelon* Frozen Vodka Watermelon: You’ve probably heard of people making a vodka watermelon where a whole vodka bottle is inserted into a watermelon to infuse it with vodka. Well, when you freeze this watermelon, you are in for an amazing treat. We stumbled upon it by accident when we served a vodka watermelon at a party, but it wasn’t finished, so we put it in the freezer. So good!

I hope some of these ideas inspire you to try them or even create your own adult frozen treats. Just like with the popsicle ideas in the last post, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with experimentation.

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