Farewell and Summer Survival Tips

Well, it looks like my time here has come to an end. I hope that the tips I’ve shared over the last little while have already come in handy and that some will come in handy in the future. Summer is a great time for families to come together and fun…and there’s no need for stress.

Keep summer simple

If you find yourself getting frazzled by the extra challenges summer can bring, remember a few things:

* Keep Things Simple. Whether you’re planning a party, getting ready for a vacation or preparing a meal, give yourself a break and make sure you get to relax too.

* Bust the “I’m Bored’s”. Remember, your kids probably need a little structure in the summer and if all else fails, let them take their chances by pulling something from the I’m Bored Jar.

* Be Prepared: If you’re going on a road trip, taking the kids camping or just going out on a daytime outing, it pays to be prepared. Write down what you need to bring to avoid any surprises later.

* Encourage Your Children: Get them to try new things. Whether it’s a special summer project or a new business venture, summer is a great time to explore new areas.

And when all else fails, try the adult-oriented frozen treats I talked about last time. They taste great, will help you cool off and wash the stress away.

Thanks for taking the time to follow along. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back again some day soon.

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