Smoked Salmon Appetizer

This salmon recipe has a combination of tastes from herbs to oranges with chips and smoked salmon as the base. It’s easy to make because all you have to do is mix 4 [...]

Salmon Bake Recipe With Pecans

Why not get a nice salmon to bake for a romantic dinner for 2? Here’s a simple breaded salmon bake recipe that you can prepare ahead of time and pop in the oven in time [...]

Animals For Kids

If you’ve ever taken a kid to a pet store, then you know that they will want to take every one of the animals home. But, all pets are not right for all kids. Before [...]

Pet Ideas for Teenagers

Teens love to have pets just as much as younger kids and adults. But, teens are a different breed. Choosing pets for them requires forethought if you don’t want to be [...]

Pet For Kids: Which One First?

Have you ever owned a pet? If the answer is no, here are some choices for your first animal friend. Most people can remember their first pet from childhood. Kids who get pets [...]
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