Spring Cleaning On A Rainy Day

cleaning spray

Why do we plan our heaviest cleaning days for the rainiest part of the year? You can’t do spring cleaning chores like hang things on the line, beat the rugs, or wash the windows while it is raining. You can forget the idea of cleaning up outside as well as inside.

So what can you do? Plenty! Here are some ideas for indoor spring cleaning that you can do on those rainy days.


When you spring clean, that usually implies deep cleaning. So while your kitchen may seem straight and organized enough, it could probably still benefit from a deep clean. And you don’t need to go outside!

When you tackle the kitchen this spring, try starting with one corner or area in the kitchen so you can avoid overwhelm. Try working from the top down, starting with the area above the cabinets or refrigerator and working down to the floor. Take items out of the cabinets, throw away old items, and wipe out the shelves. This is a good time to clean out the refrigerator, too. The rainy day will be over before you know it!

Living Room

Maybe you can’t drag things out on the lawn, but the living room can still be cleaned for spring. Again, working from the top down, sweep up cobwebs from the ceiling, wall art, and so forth. Pull furniture out from the walls and vacuum the backs and sides of couches, chairs, tables, etc. Spot-clean the carpet and wash area rugs if they are machine washable.


Working indoors, you can get half your window cleaning done. Just concentrate on the inside of the windows. If you have the sort of window that allows you to remove the pane of glass, you can pull the pane inside and wash both sides.


A rainy day is a great time to go through your kids’ toys and organize their bedroom(s). Donate unused toys and throw out broken ones. Clean out closets and vacuum floors. As long as you have a dryer, bedding and window treatments can be washed and changed without setting foot outdoors.

Clean Furniture

Using your favorite cleaning foam, you can go over all your household furniture without making a big mess. Be sure to vacuum furniture surfaces before cleaning.

Rearrange Furniture

This is the ideal time to move around your couch, chairs, coffee table, etc. You can clean as you rearrange.

So next time you despair of spring cleaning while it’s raining – don’t give up! There’s hope and lots you can do on a rainy day.

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