Flower Craft Ideas for Children

pressed flower

Flowers are beautiful outside and you can do even more by pressing them. These pressed flower craft ideas can be done with many ages of children to beautify your house and gifts.

1. Placemats

You can also use this craft to make a window decoration or wall art. You’ll need:

* Pressed flowers
* Clear contact paper
* Scissors

Cut a placemat-sized piece of clear contact paper (it’s up to you as to what “placemat-sized” means). Lay it sticky-side-up on your work surface. Arrange pressed flowers on the sticky side. When you’re finished, place the sticky side of another, slightly bigger sheet of contact paper down on the flowers. The two sticky sides should meet. Trim the edges, and you have a lovely springtime placemat. If you want to put it in your window, attach with small balls of white beeswax in the corners.

Variation: Use strips of contact paper (or cut the above craft into strips) to make bookmarks.

2. Coffee Table Perk-Up

Perk up your glass-covered coffee table by placing pressed flowers under the glass.

3. Decoupage

Pressed flowers look wonderful in just about any decoupage project. Using decoupage medium and a brush, try applying pressed flowers to some of these items:

* Flower pot (you can’t get it wet, so it’s purely decorative)
* Picture frames
* Clear votive candle holders
* Glass bottles (to make a lovely flower vase)
* Wooden jewelry boxes

4. Pretty as a Picture

Using a store-bought picture frame, remove all the cardboard and paper, leaving only the glass. Using white glue, gently glue down pressed flowers directly onto the glass. Turn it around so the flowers are on the back and place the glass back into the frame. The front will have flowers behind glass. Place it in a sunny window.

5. Stationery and Cards

This is a great craft for Mother’s Day or just to make stationery for note-writing. Here’s what you’ll need:

* Card stock
* White glue
* Paintbrush with stiff bristles
* Pressed flowers

Cut card stock in half or fourths. Then use the paintbrush and white glue to decorate the corners and/or edges with pressed flowers. Lightly brush some glue onto the place where you want the flower, then lay the flower on top. Touch up the edges with a little more white glue, brushing gently outwards. Some ideas might include one flower in the upper left corner; a border of flowers all around; or, a row of flowers across the top edge.


These make a great gift as well. You’ll need:

* White or light beige card stock
* Scissors
* Clear contact paper
* Pressed flowers
* White glue
* Paintbrush with stiff bristles

Cut the card stock into strips the size you want your bookmarks to be. Then attach various pressed flowers to one or both sides, brushing on glue and laying the flower on top. When finished, lay the bookmark on the sticky side of a piece of clear contact paper. Lay another piece of clear contact paper on the other side. Trim edges to create a “laminated” bookmark.

Many flower craft ideas can be designed and made for decorations, gifts, and more. Happy Crafting!

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