Kid’s Cross Stitching Tips

Looking for a craft for a detail oriented child? Does your child enjoy crafting? Do they have an ability to focus and enjoy spending their time creating? Cross stitching may be the perfect hobby.

Even very young children can learn to cross stitch. Children as young as seven have the ability to focus, the eye hand coordination and the skills necessary to create fun and memorable projects. When just beginning, depending on the age of your child and their skill and patience level, plastic canvas projects may be exactly what they need. If they’re more advanced then a basic fabric pattern can be used to start. Here are some of the basic supplies you’ll need to get started:

If you’re beginning with a plastic canvas:

o 7 or 5 count plastic canvas with fun pattern
o Brighly colored yarn
o Large needles designed for children and plastic canvas projects
o Scissors

If you’re beginning with a fabric canvas:

o 7 or 11 count Aida cloth (the cloth designed for cross stitch with the little X’s on them.)
o 3″ plastic hoop
o Size 22 tapestry needle is recommended because it has a blunt end.
o Brightly colored floss
o Easy beginner pattern. They make a ton of beginner patterns designed specifically for children’s small hands. Bugs, animals, letters, and other large patterns with only two or three colors are a great way to start.

When teaching young children it’s best to begin with a short time limit in mind that way they’re not overwhelmed with the project or frustrated. Additionally, a short time limit will help them stay focused.

Start with a basic lesson on how to hold the fabric, how to position the hoop, and how to thread a needle. Quite likely that may be enough for a first lesson! If they’re still interested in continuing, demonstrate the cross stitching process either by stitching a few rows yourself or showing them a completed row. You may want to have them practice the basic stitch on a blank canvas and let them complete a row or two before they begin on their personal projects.

Teach in a room that is quiet, comfortable and free from distractions. For many, part of the joy of cross stitching, and many other crafts or arts, is the almost meditative quality of the work. If you’re teaching cross stitching in the middle of a busy and noisy room, they may miss out on that aspect and they may have difficulty focusing. Sharing your joy of crafting and cross stitching with your child can be a wonderful way to connect, to spend time together, and to teach your child the joy of creating. Cross stitch is an excellent hobby because it enables your child to see the progression of their work and once they’ve completed their project it can be hung on the wall, sewn into a pillow, or displayed in any manner they choose so it can be enjoyed for years to come.

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