Duct Tape Crafts – Who Knew It Could Be So Fun?

Duct tape certainly has its practical uses. People use it to adhere posters to the wall, connect the ends of wires or ropes and fix or temporarily fix just about any household crack or repair. Admired globally for its ability to hold just about anything together duct tape has been used to make a variety of um…shall we say unusual items. Here are just a few of the unique things people have made with duct tape.

Duct Tape Wallet. This is actually a common use of duct tape and duct tape wallets can be bought online in just about any color imaginable. It probably began when someone repaired their wallet with a strip of duct tape. As the wallet wore down, they continued to add duct tape until the entire wallet was covered which likely prompted the thought, “why don’t I just make a wallet out of duct tape” and duct tape history was made. Here the quick instructions on how to do it.

o Ruler
o Scissors
o Duct tape

Measure out a ten and a half inch of duct tape, cut it, and lay it sticky side up. Cut another strip of the same length and place it on top of the first strip sticky side down leaving half of the sticky tape facing up. Fold over the top edge. Flip over the now connected strips and place a third strip sticky side down covering the remaining sticky part of the second strip. Flip the sheet again and continue the process until you have a sheet that is approximately eight and a half inches tall. Trim the edges, fold the wallet in half and tape three of the sides, leaving one long side open to slide your money in. The project can be complete now or you can add spaces for your credit card on the front by creating smaller sheets and simply taping them into the wallet you’ve just created.

Duct Tape Skirt. Stumped for what to wear to that special event? How about a duct tape skirt? Sure, that shiny metallic tape comes in a variety of colors and is ultra durable. Best of all, if something is spilled on it, it can just be hosed off, patted dry and you can return to the party. To make a skirt out of duct tape you’ll need:

o Fabric tape measure.
o Scissors
o Duct tape

Take your own measurements, hips, waist, and the length of the skirt and write them down. Measure out a strip of tape half the width of your hips, (it’s wise to add an inch or two because duct tape can be trimmed to fit). Lay the strip on a flat surface sticky side up. Cut another piece the same length and lay it on top of the first piece leaving about half of the first piece exposed. Continue layering duct tape strips on top of each other, sticky side up, until you reach the desired length of your skirt.

Once you’ve reached the desired length of your skirt, or a little longer so you have room to trim, begin cutting strips and laying them on top of the sticky sheet you just made. This time lay the strips sticky side down. You’re creating the front side of your skirt. Continue the process until a full sheet has been made. Repeat the process to create the backside of your skirt. Fold a strip of tape over the top and the bottom of the skirt to create an even seam and tape the two sides together. Tape them well. You wouldn’t want to lose your skirt halfway through the night. Cut a slit in the top so you can easily get into your skirt. Tape the slit sides so they don’t fray. You can use sticky back Velcro or a button to fasten the skirt. Voila, you’re ready to hit the town.

These are just two of the many crazy things people make with duct tape. Use your imagination and I’m sure you can come up with more ideas. Have fun!

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