Your Home, Your Storage Solutions

One of the biggest causes for disorganization and clutter is a simple lack of space. There’s just not room enough for everything you own. It’s a common problem and fortunately there are solutions.

Living Room Storage Solutions

The living room is often the center of the home. It’s where everyone congregates to watch television, play games and talk. The more organized it is, the more welcoming it will be. Consider:

Double duty furniture – furniture that doubles as storage space is a great way to keep items handy yet also out of sight. For example, a coffee table that offers storage space inside or underneath for remotes, magazines and small items is extremely useful. An ottoman or side table that doubles as a chest can store blankets and seasonal pillows.

Shelving is also a common storage solution for the living room. Media centers with extra shelves, adding shelves to a wall or using book cases can all help you get organized and clutter free.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

Under the bed storage is often the most useful because it’s a great place to store seasonal items or linens. However, many under the bed storage solutions don’t work when you bring them home. The container is too tall for the under the bed space or it just doesn’t hold as much as you’d hoped. Research your container and measure the space under your bed before you buy.

Also use double duty furniture and shelving in your bedroom. One solution that many people like is a shoe organizer. Organize the little things that can easily clutter a space like ties, belts and shoes by using organizers designed specifically for that purpose.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

The kitchen is a place of whirlwind activity. It can get messy and out of control quickly. And if you like to cook and entertain then space is definitely a priority. Use canned food organizers in your pantry and cupboards to store canned food but also soda. Take advantage of space saving spice racks and utensil storage solutions to maximize space and efficiency. And get the items that you don’t use often out of the way. For example, pots and pans can be hung on a decorative rack. This frees up valuable cupboard space.

Around The Home

Take advantage of every nook and cranny. Under the stairs is often a wasted space. Consider also how you’re using your existing closets. Would storage containers or extra shelves make the space more useful?

Armoires can be used in a basement to create separation between spaces. For example a wall of armoires can be set up between the laundry room and a work space. The armoires provide storage solutions and serve as a room divider. You can place decorative bins on top of the armoires to store more items.

Look for useful ways to recycle and reuse. For example, some food containers can be washed out and used as pencil holders, vases or storage containers. An old candle jar does a good job of holding loose change and miscellaneous items found in the laundry room once pockets have been emptied.

Approach each space in your home with an open mind and an organizers eye. How could you use the space better? What storage solutions can make it happen?

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