Entry Way Organization for Your Home

The entry way is often your opportunity to create a first impression. It should reflect your personality and the way you want others to feel inside your home. Additionally, your entry way should make you feel welcome when you step through the door. Here are a few tips to help you create an organized and welcoming entry way.

#1 Keep it clear of clutter. The single most important element to remember about an entry way is that it must be free from clutter. Clutter makes you and anyone else that comes into your home feel overwhelmed. That’s the opposite effect that you want to have.

#2 Match the storage solution to the space. If you have a large space you can utilize larger furniture pieces and storage solutions. For example, an armoire in a large entry way can be a lovely way to house coats, boots, umbrellas and other outdoor wear. If on the other hand you have a small space then a single bench or table with storage compartments may be your solution.

#3 Think about your routine. What do you do when you enter your home? If you’re like most you kick off your shoes, take off your coat and then drop your keys, purse and belongings. Each of these needs to have a home base. Someplace you always put them and can always find them. However, you don’t want it to look like a mess. We’re trying to create an organized and welcoming space. Look for creative solutions. A decorative basket placed on a table is a lovely place to house your keys, wallet and phone. A coat rack can be used to hang bags and purses. A shoe mat for the shoes and so on. And these items don’t have to be boring. Use whimsical or modern knobs on your coat rack.

#4 Provide flow. You want to encourage flow through your entry way. You don’t want people or energy to stop there. Flow can be created with lighting, mirrors and artwork. Guide your visitors through the entry way and into the main living area of your home.

#5 Color! Don’t forget about color. What color says home to you? Blue? Green? Red? How do you want people to feel when they walk into your home? Blues and yellows are common entry way colors. They’re light, whimsical and clean. They can also be sophisticated or modern. If you don’t want bright colorful walls consider accent pieces. Add bright pillows to your bench. Paint the storage bins under a table to add color. Add wall art.

When redoing your entry way, empty it completely first. Then take a look at the empty space. Imagine your ideal entry way. Write your ideas down on paper and then make them a reality.

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