Secrets of Organized Families

Why does it seem that some families have it all together while your family struggles to balance everything? Well the truth is that those seemingly organized families may not have as much going on as your family does.

However, they may also know a few family organization secrets.
Here’s what they know:

#1 Each Person Needs Their Own Space

When your children walk into your home do they have their own space to put their belongings? Sure, they have their bedroom. Do they have space in the main area of your home for their belongings? A great, and very simple, solution is to provide a cubby for each child in the entry way or mudroom of your home. If you can also designate a coat hook then children have a designated place to put their coats, shoes, and bags.

If your children are old enough to have a mobile phone or device consider getting a family caddy that provides enough space for every family member’s phone. Label everything so children feel a sense of ownership and belonging.

#2 Command Central

Keeping track of everyone’s schedule is a definite challenge. Create a central calendar for the entire family. You might integrate it with your chore chart. Consider:

* Using a large desktop calendar and hang it on the wall.
* A chalkboard or white board calendar
* If your children are older everyone can create a Google calendar and they can be integrated into a central family calendar. For this to work children must be online.
* A large poster board calendar and color coded post-its for each child and day.

There are actually many options to create your command central. Use a method that works for you and your family.

#3 Daily Structure

Create a family structure that helps children know what to expect. That means children get up at the same time every day. They do homework at a scheduled time; watch television only after all homework is done. Chores are done at the same time every day. They also go to bed at the same time every day. When a structure is in place it helps everyone know what to expect. It helps maintain organization and provides time for good old fashioned family time, rest, and relaxation.

It’s also important to know that no family is perfect and your family’s organization needs will change as your family grows and changes. Create structure and systems and then step back and allow your family to adapt.

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