Girl’s Birthday Party Activity Ideas

One of the most special days in our lives is the birth day of our children. Celebrating that each year brings back many joyful memories. Make it memorable for your daughter and her friends as well.

Girls have a variety of interests. On your daughter’s birthday, the only thing that is important is that she has a good time. That may involve a lot of activities or just one. It all depends on the age of the child.

Let’s take a look at age-appropriate activities for little girls. Toddlers are happy to be celebrating anything where they are the center of attention. For them, keep it simple but quick. They will lose interest fast.

Some ideas for activities include hitting a piñata, singing games and videos. A video can be used as an ice breaker when the party first gets started. Choose one that is instructive like Playhouse Disney. The characters engage the audience.

Girls who are just entering school might like to do activities that involve dressing up or role playing. You can create a table full of costumes and dolls. They can play with each other in groups until everyone arrives. Let them take pictures in their outfits to take home as a memento of the party.

Elementary school girls can choose their own activities. They may give you suggestions like karaoke, dancing games on a video system like Xbox or Wii, or even a sleepover complete with movies and popcorn. When they help choose the activities, you know the activities will keep them occupied for the majority of the party without much involvement from you except to supervise.

Most young girls like crafts as well. They can make their own purses, tote bags, belts or costume jewelry. It will require you to demonstrate the steps for them first, but then they can go it alone, only consulting you if they need help.

Activities for your daughter will also be dictated by the time of year. Summertime allows for more outdoor fun like scavenger hunts, jumping houses and water activities.

Let’s go back to the slumber party idea. Many girls would rather have a sleepover with their friends than an afternoon birthday party. Here, the activities will consist of things like dressing games, karaoke, watching movies, putting on make-up and girl talk.

Even for small parties, you can come up with at least one activity for the kids to participate in before they eat their ice cream and cake. Limiting the party to one or two hours also puts less of a burden on you as far as entertainment.

When it comes to a girl’s birthday party, let the age and your daughter’s wishes help dictate the entertainment.

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