Boy’s Birthday Party Activity Ideas

When it comes to birthday parties, we get sweaty palms when we talk about activities. Kids love to be entertained and it is our job as hostess to give them what they want. Here are some ideas for activities to keep your son and his friends busy.

Before you decide on activities, consider the age of the child. When it comes to toddlers, entertainment will involve simple games that don’t require much skill. They see you demonstrate once and then they can keep going – with supervision of course.
Another thing to consider is attention span. Choose games that are quick like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” or musical games like “Hokey Pokey” and “Ring around the Rosy.”

Kindergartners are a little better able to handle and take direction. Their attention span is a bit longer when they understand the game. For them, games like “Duck, Duck, Goose” and musical chairs will keep them occupied until the last child is left.

Outdoor games are popular with elementary school kids. They love to run and laugh. Since they are great at taking direction, team games are fun. Try the three-legged race, the spoon race, obstacle courses and scavenger hunts. If parents know ahead of time, water gun games can be played.

At this age, kids will also improvise. If you give them the basics of the activity, they can come up with their own ways to play for continued fun after the initial game is over.

Additional Tips

Talk to your child. If they are old enough to invite friends, they can also tell you what types of things they would like to do. Some kids are happy with playing tag or running around with party hats and whistles.

Start with ice breakers. Giving kids something to do when they first arrive at a party can keep them focused while you get other things together.

Try a craft table. Choose age-appropriate materials like hats to decorate, pictures to color or costumes that they can try on and take pictures. Costumes for boys include pirates, action figures, and superheroes.

Popular board games are also a good idea for boys. They love games where they can challenge each other. Try checkers or a memory game.

Take the pressure off. This works best for older kids who have several friends coming over. Leave the entertaining to someone else by choosing a different venue. Visit a miniature golf course, a laser tag course or a skateboard park. It is up to your son and his friends.

Birthday parties don’t have to be a lot of work with a little planning. Activities can be daunting for parents. Here are some tips to help you to come up with activities for your son’s party that will please him and avoid stressing you out.

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