Unexpected Company? Quick Room Cleaning Tips

Cleaning can be a time consuming activity. And if you’re like many people you simply don’t have time to do it. With the right systems in place you can clean any room quickly – really!

Step One: Organize Your Materials

One of the most time consuming aspects of a cleaning task is gathering the cleaning supplies and tools. For example, in the bathroom you might need window cleaner, shower and tub cleaner, countertop cleaner and toilet cleaner. You’ll also need a squeegee, sponges, and rags. Gathering all of these supplies can take tons of time.

A simple way to cut this prep time from your cleaning job is to create a storage bin for the cleaning supplies for each room. For example, your bathroom would have a cleaning supplies basket; your kitchen would have a cleaning supplies basket and so on.

Step Two: Start with the Visible

The easiest way to get maximum cleaning impact is to focus first on the clutter – the visible mess. If you’re talking about the kitchen then the visible mess will be the dishes on the countertops. If you’re talking about the living room then it’s most likely the items on the floor and coffee or end tables. In some instances the items won’t belong in the room they’re in. Grab a laundry basket for those items. You can then relocate the items once the room is clean.

Step Three: Moving onto the Real Dirt

The next step is to grab that underlying dirt. We’re talking about cleaning off the countertops, vacuuming and sweeping. If you’re cleaning more than one room in the house then also clean the floors at the same time. It is faster and more efficient if you vacuum the entire house rather at once.


Group like tasks. If you’re washing down the appliances go ahead and wash the table and countertops at the same time. It’s a real time saver.

Prioritize. What is your goal for your cleaning? Are you simply looking to reduce or eliminate clutter or are you looking for a deep cleaning. Prioritize your tasks based on your goal. If you’re going for a deep cleaning then focus on the items that need the most work first. For example, a deep cleaning in the kitchen might mean cleaning out your refrigerator. Don’t get sidetracked by cleaning off the countertops first. Focus on your primary goals.

Make sure you have the right tools and cleaners. There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of cleaner mid task. Save time and keep your cleaners supplied. You can actually save money when you buy cleaners in bulk or concentrate.

Cleaning doesn’t have to take all day. In fact, most rooms can be cleaned effectively in ten minutes or less. Clean quickly and spend more time doing the things you love.

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