Cleaning Checklists: They’re Easy to Make

Does it seem like cleaning your home, and keeping it clean, takes more time than you want? The secret to fast and easy cleaning rests in your hands – literally. When you create a systematic, step by step cleaning checklist, the cleaning gets done in no time.

Checklists offer other benefits too. In addition to providing structure to an often overwhelming task, a checklist helps other people (ahem, children and spouses are you listening?) clean effectively and efficiently too.

Here’s How To Create Your Own Cleaning Checklists.

Step One: List what needs to be done for each job or room. For example, if one task is to take out the recycling then the list might look like this.

* Remove bag from recycling container Monday morning.
* Empty bag into large recycling bin
* Take bin to the curb for pickup
* Replace bag in recycling container
* Return recycling bin to garage after pickup

Go through each task and room that needs to be cleaned and make a simple list of what needs to be accomplished.

Step Two: Get it In Order

In most cases there is a logical order to the cleaning process. For example, when you’re cleaning the bathroom you don’t clean the toilet and then turn around and use the same cleaning rag on your counter tops. Yuck. But you can reverse the steps safely.

Likewise, if you’re cleaning the kitchen it saves time if you wash down the countertops and the kitchen table and appliances all at the same time. If you stop in between each of the steps and wash dishes or sweep then it breaks up the flow. We’re talking about creating the most efficient cleaning process possible. Take a look at your list of tasks and steps for each cleaning job and reorder the steps to make the most of your time and energy.

Step Three: Make it Formal

Turn on your computer and open a word processing program. Most programs provide you with the ability to make bulleted lists. Those bullets can be changed which means you can choose empty check boxes to place before each step on your list. Create a new document for each task or cleaning job.

Print them out. You can now either laminate them or slid the list into a sheet protector. Using a dry erase marker you, or anyone else, can quickly work through your checklist. Consider hanging the checklists on a peg by your family chore chart so they’re always handy.

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