Scrapbooking DVDs – Get Started

There are some great scrapbooking books on the market that can help you get started. You can also learn a lot from online articles and message boards, but words and pictures can only do so much. Trying to learn how to scrapbook from looking at pictures of completed layouts is like trying to learn to paint by going to an art gallery.

If you’re serious about getting started in scrapbooking, there are some great DVDs out there to give you the boost you need. By actually watching someone put a layout together, you can learn subtle arts and techniques you need to be a successful scrapbooker.

The Art of Scrapbooking: If my husband can scrapbook…so can you! is a great example of exactly what scrapbooking DVDs should be about: technique. This instructional DVD is for beginners and teaches you how to use a variety of different products. It doesn’t focus on creativity and layout design; that you can learn from books and articles. It teaches you the stuff you really need to see to understand and it makes it easy for people who are just getting started.

A DVD doesn’t really need to be about scrapbooking specifically to help you perfect your layouts. An Altered Journey with Tim Holtz is an instructional video on various inking and stamping techniques that can be used in scrapbooking and other art projects. Even though the DVD’s main focus isn’t scrapbooking, it gives you some amazing techniques you can use and might just help you out with your non-scrapbooking related projects are well. And if you like it, he has several other instructional videos to continue your learning process.

If you really want to learn techniques, and DVDs seem to work for you, then you should look into buying a series. There are sets that have instructional DVDs on all sorts of topics. That way you’re always learning and getting better. A great way to speed up the learning curve even more is by watching with your friends. You can have regular get-togethers to watch DVDs, practice techniques, and help each other out if someone isn’t catching on as fast.

The best part of DVDs is that they’re always there. They usually have clear titles and menus so you’re not flipping a pile of books or searching the internet to get a refresher course on a technique. You just pop in the DVD and fast forward directly to what you’re looking for.

You should remember that DVDs aren’t going to make you a master scrapbooker. You need to continue to read books, research online, and constantly search for new ideas and inspiration. Although they can’t make you and expert, DVDs can give you that extra push onto the right path.

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