Create a Scrapbook Center or Area in Your Home

I love to hang out on my couch and floor. I can play on my computer, listen to music, pretty much do anything all while being comfortable. The one thing I can’t do is scrapbook. While you might think one of those lap desks is going to suffice, or that carpet is a perfect place to set up layouts, you will soon find that this is not going to work. You need to have a place set aside to store your supplies and do your work. It doesn’t need to be big, but it should have a few essentials.

Scrapbooking requires a flat, hard, and preferably large surface. You should have a desk or a table that you can work at. This will give you room to spread all your stuff out, and give you a solid working surface. That way you can cut and trace precisely and glue accurately.

Another essential element of your scrapbooking area is shelves. This is even more important if your desk or table is small or used for other things. You need as much space as possible without all your materials getting in your way.

One thing many people don’t consider when setting up their scrapbooking area is safety for your supplies. You may thing about putting your area in your basement or garage because there’s extra room, but it’s probably a better decision to move something else down there to make room for your new space.

If your scrapbooking stuff gets too cold or hot, too much sunlight, or gets wet, it can be ruined or will at least age faster. When you’re picking a spot, consider temperature and humidity control, sun exposure, and whether or not there’s a possibility of flooding. Moving stuff around in your house may take a bit of extra time, but it will preserve a lot of memories.

So now, you’ve got your area picked, bought your desk or table, gathered your storage stuff, and bought your scrapbooking supplies. You’re ready put it together right?

Before you start adding stuff as fast as possible, plan first. You want to have the whole area ready and set up how you like it before you add your first supply. That will make it easier to rearrange if you decide something isn’t going to work. It’s a whole lot harder to make changes when it involved moving buttons, ribbon, and all your other supplies.

The last thing to consider in your scrapbooking area is inspiration. If you can decorate the walls or hang pictures up, do so. Add art pictures of your family, inspirational poems and saying, anything to get the juices flowing. Why not add a bulletin board to hang up layouts or a marker board to draw ideas?

These are just the basics you need for your area. Remember, that your scrapbooks are unique so the area you make them in should be too.

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