How Cropmom Works for Online Scrapbooking

Cropmom is an easy to use website that allows you to collect your photos, upload them and then create unique scrapbooks in their intuitive online interface. Once you’ve created your scrapbooks, you can share them with your friends and family by email. Here’s how to use Cropmom to create beautiful layouts and scrapbooks. Step 1: Register for a Cropmom Account Click on “Register for Free!” on the home screen to start the signup process. register for free Fill out the registration page. registration

Once your registration is finished, click “Go to My Cropmom to get started scrapping” to get started!

start scrapping

Step 2: Upload Your Photos

On the first screen you see when you log in, on the right hand side is the photos upload box. Click “Choose File,” then select your file to upload and click “Upload.”

upload photos

Once your photos have been uploaded, they’ll be displayed carousel style along the bottom of the photos pane.

uploaded photos

Step 3: Start the Layout Creation Process

Click on “Create a Layout” on the left hand side. A layout is basically cropmom’s term for a scrapbook page.

create a layout

Choose a new layout when you’re asked if you want to edit a layout or create one.

choose new layout

Give your layout a name, choose its size and choose its background color.

name size color

Step 4: Create Your Layout

To add text to the layout, click on the “Aa” button on the left hand side.

add text

Double click on the text to change the text. Use the text size and text font menus on the right to change how your text looks.

text font size

Click and drag photographs from the right to add them to your layout.

click and drag photos

Click and drag the “Choose Graphics” area to add backgrounds or other photographic elements.

drag and drop a background

These are a few of the main editing features. Play around with the interface a bit to get to know what kind of images Cropmom can create.

When you’re finished, click the save button.

click save

Step 5: Sharing Your Layouts

Create as many layouts as you want. Once you have a few that you want to save, just follow these steps to send them to your friends and family.

First click on “My Cropmom” along the top navigation.

click my cropmom

Click “Details” beneath the specific layout you want to share.

click details

Click “Share” in the right hand side menu.

click share

Enter your friend or family member’s email address.

enter friends email

Congratulations! You’ve created a Cropmom account, uploaded your photos and learned how to create layouts, including how to create and edit text, add photos and backgrounds and image elements, plus how to share your work once you’re finished.

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