What Scrapbooking Scissors Should I Use

A quick online search for “scrapbooking scissors” will give you a picture of how many different types of scissors and cutting tools there are for scrapbookers. Knowing the basics of these tools will help you know which scissors are the best choice for your needs. This can help you save time by not struggling with the wrong scissors, and save you money because you won’t buy anything you won’t use.

Exacto knife. Sure exacto knives aren’t exactly scissors, but they can be helpful when it comes to setting up your layouts. Exacto knives are useful for cutting thicker materials with more precision than scissors and getting sharp corners for shapes and lettering. Just be sure you have a cutting pad to protect your surfaces.

Edgers. We’ve all seen pinking shears and know they can add a fun touch to your scrapbooks, but now edgers do so much more. You can make waves, scallops, and zigzags. There are even special edgers made just for corners.

Be careful not to go overboard though. While that 30 piece edging set might seem great at the time, it’s a lot of money to spend when you can make patterns yourself by tracing. If you really must have all the different patterns, why not ask several friends to split the cost with you and share the scissors? This works even better if you live near each other or have scrapbooking parties.

Circle cutters. These are just what they sound like; they can cut a perfect circle every time. While many people prefer to just find something circular in their house and trace, these can save you time. Plus, depending on your cutting skills, you may have problems getting that circle looking just right. It may also be a challenge to find an object that’s the size you’re looking for. Circle cutters are an easy way to save you time and energy.

Trimmers. If you’re like me, you can’t cut a straight line to save your life. That’s why you need to get some kind of trimmer with a straight edge on it. They’re usually pretty easy to use, and once you get going, you’ll be able to precisely cut a straight edge every time.

Scissors. With all the fancy products out there, you will still be glad you have your good old regular scissors. No matter what great products you have, nothing will ever replace them. You should be sure to buy some quality scissors to keep only for scrapbooking. Other uses could damage or dull the scissors and ruin your results. It’s also best to buy specific scissors for paper and sewing scissors if you use fabrics. These will make sure you get the perfect cut every time.

If you aren’t really sure what scissors you want or need, just start small. Start with several good pairs of scissors, and a trimmer. Work your way up as you learn more and gain skill.

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