Online Scrapbooking with Photo Album

Photo Album is a complete online scrapbook designer for printed physical scrapbooks. You can upload your own images, put them into pre-existing templates, select what kind of scrapbook cover you want and order a printed version of your photo album all from the internet. The whole process takes less than 30 minutes. Here’s how to use Photo Album. Step 1: Register for Photo Album Click on “Create a Free Account” on the home screen. create a free account

Fill out the registration information.


You’ll need to go into your email to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, log in to continue.

Step 2: Open the Scrapbook Designer

Click on “My Designs” in the upper right hand corner.

my designs

Click “Create a New Design.”

create a new design

Then click “Open Designer.”

open designer

Step 3: Open the Template Designer

Select a product category in the box that pops up.

select product category

Then select the specific type of scrapbook or photo album you want to create.

select specific product

Then click “Open Template Selector.”

open template selector

Step 4: Setting Up Your Template

Choose which template you want to use for your scrapbook.

choose specific template

Then click “Use Selected Template” once you’ve made your choice.

use selected=

Step 5: Upload Images

Click on “Photo Uploader” to open the photo upload drop down menu. Click on “Select Images for Uploading” to open the image selection dialogue box.

select images for uploading

Add as many files as you want to the upload queue. Once you’re ready to upload them, click “Upload All.”

upload all

Step 6: Adding Photos and Text to Your Scrapbook

Drag and drop photos from your uploaded photos panel to your scrapbook. You might have to resize, rotate or relocate your photos to make it look just right.

drag and drop

If you want to add text or other images, you can do so in the “Page Objects” panel.

add images or text

Step 7: Adding Pages and Saving Your Design

Click on “Add Pages” or “Duplicate Page” on the bottom left to create more pages in your photo album.

add pages

Keep in mind you’ll need different minimum pages for different products. Many will require that you have at least 20 pages before you can print the album. However, you can always still send the album online for free with no page minimums.

Once you’re ready to publish your design, go to the upper right and click “Save Design.”

save design

Step 8: Publishing Your Album

Click on “My Designs” in your home screen.

click my designs

Click “Publish” under the design that now appears.

click publish

Select what kind of material your want for your cover.

select cover material

Click “Create [Product Name]”. In this example, it’s “Create Flipbook.”

create flipbook

Click “Open Full Size” above your photo album.

click open full size

Scroll down to the bottom. If you want to share the album with your friends and family digitally for free, just fill out the share form.

share for free

If you want to purchase a physical copy of your photo album, you can do so right above the sharing options panel.

order photo album

That’s how to create an account with Photo Album, select a product, choose a template, add pictures, add pages and share or print your album.

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