Don’t Throw Away Those Scrapbooking Scraps!

When you’re done with making a layout, what do you do with the scraps and pieces left over? Do you throw them away? Are they sitting in a drawer, file, or basket just taking up space? Why not use those scraps to add a unique special touch to your layouts? You’ll not only save yourself money on supplies, you’ll be reducing wate to help save the planet.

Punches are a great way to use scraps and add fun flair to your scrapbooks. Most scrapbook stores sell punches that turn your tidbits of paper and cardstock into tiny puppies, stars, rainbows and shapes of every kind. To cut the cost of punches, go shopping with your friends and buy punches you think you all can use. You can trade when you need them or use them at group get-togethers.

A lot of backgrounds are just a collections of pictures. You can make great embellishments and additions to layouts just by taking pictures from smaller background pieces. This is great if you tend to recycle materials like wrapping paper and greeting cards. While a whole group of flowers may make a great layout, a single flower from the same page can be just as, or more beautiful.

Mosaics are a fantastic way to reuse even the smallest scraps. You can be simple by making flowers or sunsets. If that’s just too easy for you, you can find pictures you like and recreate them with scraps. To make the process more efficient, try organizing your scraps by color then size. This will make them easier to sort through for other uses too.

Scrapbooking stores sell all kinds of letters to add titles and substance to a layout. But why spend a lot of money on letters that may not be exactly what you’re looking for? Extra pieces are great for making your own unique lettering. Solid colors make great letters, but you can also experiment with patterns. While if might take more time than buying precut letters or stamping them on, it will give your layout a special touch to make it stand out.

Did you know you can use leftover paper to make your own recycled paper? Just make your scraps very small, add a small amount of water and blend. Then, spread it out on silver foil, blot with paper towels, and allow it to dry. The end result is a thick, textured paper that can be for kid’s crafts, or to add a special touch to your scrapbooks.

Do your kids have an interest in scrapbooking too? Giving them your leftover scraps is a great way to get them started without spending a lot of money on supplies. You can even find very inexpensive digital cameras just for kids so they can take their own pictures for their layouts. They’ll have fun, create memories, and they might just give you some great ideas.

These are just a few of the many ways you can save money, save the environment, and even have some fun.

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