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Meet The Author – Jenny McKrane

Juicing has become super popular due in large part to documentaries like “Sick, Fat, & Nearly Dead” where the film maker, Joe Cross films his story about [...]

Basic Pancake Recipe

Pancakes are such a simple food that brings so much excitement to the little ones. Well, truth be told, they bring excitement to me too. That’s why it’s always [...]

Spicy Watermelon Dip

Summer’s coming (okay, it’s a few months away, but I’m excited) and that means I’m already craving watermelon. This dip is a spicy surprise and is [...]

Microwave Chocolate Ganache Recipe

Yes, I said those two words together. Microwave and ganache. How can such a fancy thing be created through such a gauche kitchen tool? No double boilers required here. This [...]

What to Do with Christmas Leftovers

Continuing along with our stress-free Christmas ideas, let’s talk about food. I used to think Christmas leftovers were a curse, but now I find them to be a blessing [...]

Asparagus with Raspberry Sauce

Who knew asparagus and yogurt go together? Well, they do? Try this delicious and easy recipe for this nutritious vegetable. Even my youngest child, who usually objects to [...]

Easy Christmas Ham with Glaze Recipe

Ham is always a favorite in this household and I love to make it at Christmas because it’s super easy and always impressive. Leftover ham is also great for sandwiches [...]
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