Is Juicing Healthy or Just Hype?

Hi everyone. I promised I’d be back to talk about juicing and I want to get to first things first. Because, even though some of you probably checked out the movie mentioned before, “Sick, Fat & Nearly Dead” you are wondering: Is juicing healthy or just hype? Well, I want to clear up any questions about that right now.

Fasting is Not New — Let’s remember that fasting, in some form, has been around a long time, even in biblical days, as a way to cure health problems. Fasting allows the body to go into a repair response. When the digestive system does not have to work so hard to digest food the excess energy can go into helping the body repair itself instead.

Repair Without Starvation — Juicing gives your body a chance to go into the repair response without starvation, while over dosing your body on vitamins and minerals giving it the building blocks to conduct the repairs it needs without deprivation. This is why juicing should be a part of your over-all healthy diet. It’s a great way to help your body get over an illness or to simply get back on track with proper eating habits if you’ve gone off the path.

Boost Your Immune System — By hydrating your body with nutrients that you cannot consume any other way than juicing you will improve your body’s natural immune response exponentially. There are particular juice combinations that can relieve pretty much any problem that you have whether it is inflammation, or acne.

Aid in Digestion — When you juice fruits and veggies you take out the fiber, so your body doesn’t have to work as hard to get the nutrients into your system. If you are experiencing irregularities in your digestion, from irritable bowel syndrome to constipation, to indigestion or heartburn, you can get relief with thoughtful juicing.

Get Rid of Parasites — Believe it or not many of us have a problem with parasites. I know this is a very unpleasant topic and one that is often taboo. But, the fact is these parasites can destroy our organs, and suck the energy right out of us. According to the CDC parasites are the number one health risk. Some symptoms are: gas, bloating, craps, anal itching, vomiting, weight gain or loss, headaches, IBS, rashes, fatigue, poor sleep, anemia, cramping, joint pain, allergies, sugar cravings, being hungry all the time, brain fog and more.

Drop Extra Weight — You absolutely will experience weight loss when juicing if you do it long enough. Typically, at least 14 days. However, it is more important to get your long term eating under control than to fix your weight with a juice fast. It’s a great way to kick start weight loss, cure medical issues, and gain control over your eating — but like any type of diet, if you go back to the unhealthy eating patterns that made you gain weight in the first place, you will gain the weight back.

Juicing will also help you become more mindful of what you are eating the rest of the time. Done properly, while paying close attention to your body’s response, juicing can be a healthy way to ensure that you get the nutrients your body craves – allowing your body to repair itself, lose weight and become energetic and vital again.

Next week’s blog post we’ll talk more about cleansing and detoxing since I’m sure you’re thinking hard about parasites and the role they play in illness.

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