Juicing Tutorial for Beginners – Meet The Author – Jenny McKrane

Juicing has become super popular due in large part to documentaries like “Sick, Fat, & Nearly Dead” where the film maker, Joe Cross films his story about juicing while traveling cross-country in America, along with a trucker’s story — a man he met along the way — of getting healthy and losing weight through juicing fruits and veggies. The transformation is dramatic and the results nothing but awe inspiring. Juicing

So, I’ve brought in a guest blogger, Jenny McKrane, who can tell you more about juicing. Welcome Jenny.

Hello and thank you for the welcome. I’m looking forward to sharing information about juicing fruits and vegetables in the coming weeks. The truly transformative power of fresh squeezed juice is something to behold. I will cover quite a bit of information in the next few weeks.

The topics I’ll cover for you are:

  • Juicing – Healthy or Hype?
  • Cleansing & Detoxing Your Body Naturally
  • Slim Down or Bulk Up With Juicing
  • The Healing Properties of Fruits and Veggies
  • Blending vs. Juicing
  • Super Foods to Include In Your Juicing Regimen
  • Beyond the Juice
  • Juicing Tips and Techniques
  • Ideas for Using the Leftover Pulp

I’m going to explain everything about healthy juicing that you need to know. I’ll cover a lot in the next few posts so be sure to sign up for the blog RSS feed or mailing list if you’re not on it already. You don’t want to miss anything. I’m looking forward to blowing your mind as well as teaching you how to improve your health exponentially.

So sit back and get ready to take notes. If you’re ready to have more energy, glowing skin, and to possibly rid yourself of prescription medications forever, keep reading. You’re about to change your life forever.

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