Superfoods To Add to Your Juicing

I hope you have had a wonderful week full of all the colors of the rainbow. Today we are going to talk about superfoods. You’ve probably heard a lot about superfoods lately since the science of plant based nutrition is becoming quite mainstream lately. But, I want to talk to you about superfoods and which ones to include in your juicing regimen just in case you’ve missed out on the news.

We’ve already talked a lot about the healing and anti-inflammatory power of celery, which you should include in your juices as often as possible, but there are other superfoods that you may not realize are superfoods that you can include with your juicing (or slip into your smoothies).

These super foods will improve your health and make your juices taste delicious.

Green Apple — This little powerhouse contains nutrients that will reduce your risk of cancer because it actually protects your DNA. They are excellent for reducing blood pressure, stabilizing blood sugar, treating inflammatory disease, and they have a bounty of calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, iron, potassium, copper, and Zink. In addition, your body burns more calories processing a green apple than what the apple contains so it’s a negative-calorie food. Add to any green juice to give it a sweeter flavor.

Turmeric — This yellow <pigmented, aromatic powder that comes from the rhizome of the ginger family, it’s often used in Indian dishes and curry. This amazing spice combats free radicals, inflammatory damage, and helps protect against memory loss according to studies to St. John’s Medical College. It is also said to help relieve problems with digestion, arthritis pain, menstrual pain, heartburn, and other issues. Since turmeric doesn’t add much of a flavor you can add to any juice to increase the punch of color and health benefits.

Basil — There are many different types of basil, from sweet, to spicy, to lemony to sacred. Basil has been used for generations as a medicinal herb. The essential oils, antioxidants, and antimicrobial agents in basil are known to lower blood pressure, offer free radical protection, and also are antibacterial and antiviral. Basil can regulate the blood sugar and support a healthy immune system. Basil pairs well with orange based juices.

Spirulina — This is a blue-green fresh water algae that is very rich in protein plus offers protection against allergies, high blood pressure, and helps lower cholesterol. Add it to your smoothies to enhance the protein factor if you’re trying to build muscle.

Himalayan Crystal Salt –This special salt contains over 84 minerals and can help your body process vitamins and minerals in your food better. It controls your pH balance and helps your brain work better. Add a little to savory juices such as a combination of tomato, bell peppers, carrot, basil, celery, spinach, onion, beet and garlic.

Chlorophyll — This is really the green pigment found in most of your green fruits and veggies, it is truly the very molecule that sustains life. Chlorophyll helps facilitate photosynthesis – the process that converts sunlight energy, water and carbon dioxide into glucose – the fuel our body needs in order to survive. It’s very much like our hemoglobin in our blood and can be quite useful to humans. Add seaweed, kelp, algae and other dark green plant life to all of your juices for a punch to nutrition and to help your blood.

Red Desert® Clay — Believe it or not there are health benefits of eating clay. It is thought that people who suffer from nervous and mental conditions today are due to being overly exposed to toxins in the environment through vaccines, mercury fillings, and drugs. Eating this clay can help detox the body faster by encouraging bowel regulation, end stomach problems, help clear up skin and lift up emotional problems.

Cacao — That’s right, chocolate is a super food. But you need to get raw Cacao to truly get the healing powers of this antioxidant rich superfood. It is reported to reduce cataract, guard against stroke and heart disease, improve heart function, and alleviate stress.If you have issues with depression add a little cacao to your diet and you’ll be happier.

Bee Pollen — For those of you who are not vegans, bee pollen can be a great way to add protein, and amino acids in higher amounts than beef or eggs to your diet. This is especially good for body builders and those who wish to help promote muscle building. But there are other reasons to add Bee Pollen your diet, it is said to increase energy, improve respiration, enhance the skin, boost the immune system and treat allergies.

Honey — Again, while honey is not technically vegan, it has many healthful benefits that cannot be ignored. Due to its sweetness you can add it to some harder to swallow juices to make them taste better. It also has immune boosting qualities along with allergy protection. It can even be used topically for skin problems.

Try incorporating as many of these superfoods into your juicing regimen as possible for an added boost to the benefits of juicing.

Next week we’ll talk about how you can make soups, smoothies, sorbets, raw food desserts and more to improve health outside of juicing. You won’t want to miss that because I’ll include some of my favorite recipes and ideas to help you and your family get more fruits and veggies into your diet in the most delicious ways possible.

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