Gifts For Mom With A Theme

Taking the time to personalize something means that you have spent extra time to think about what your mother would like. A personalized gift does NOT mean that you have to [...]

Gift Pictures For Mom Or Grandma

No matter what age your mom is she likes pictures – especially pictures of her children and grandchildren. Using photographs is a great way to personalize presents for [...]

Gardening In The Rain

It’s the only time that you have for gardening and keeping weeds away, but it’s raining! Here are some gardening tips that will help you take advantage of those [...]

Origami Flower: Make Your Own Tulip

This a beginners origami step by step tutorial on how to make an origami flower. More precisely – it’s a 2 dimensional tulip with a stem that even a new beginner [...]

Folding Origami: Beginner Tips

If you are just starting origami you might get overwhelmed with the diagrams and instructions. Origami can be a simple or very complicated paper craft. Here are some beginner [...]

Paper Balloon: How To Make Your Own

How to Make Your Own Origami Balloon The key to any balloon is air, and that’s the same for a paper balloon. The last step of this easy origami project is to blow up [...]
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