Origami Paper Fortune Teller: How To Make Your Own

How to Make an Origami Fortune Teller

Customize your personal fortune teller with your special numbers, colors, or sayings. This post walks you through the steps of folding paper to make your own fortune teller, and then what to do with it.

Step 1:

Start with a square piece of paper, and fold the bottom left corner up to the top right corner.

origami fold

Unfold it and the fold the bottom right corner to the top left one.

origami fold left

Step 2:

Now, fold each corner over to the center crease you’ve created. First, one corner:

fold corner in

Then, the next corner:

second corner folded

Then the third:

third corner folded

And finally, the fourth:

fourth corner folded

Step 3:

Next, flip your model over and fold each point to the corner again. Here’s the first corner:

corner folded

The second corner:

more corner folded

The third corner:

third corner folded

The fourth corner:

fourth corner folded

Now the folding is all done. All you need to is shape the fortune teller for use.

Step 4:

To open the fortune teller, slide your fingers inside the folds to open them up.

open fortune teller

Then it’s ready to use.

paper fortune teller

What to Write on the Paper Fortune Teller:

To tell fortunes, you need to add a few things to your fortune teller.

1. On the top four flaps, write down four different colors.

write colors

2. Unfold those flaps, and you’ll see 8 triangles. Write a number on each of these.

write numbers

3. Open up those flaps, and there are 8 more triangles. Write in a fortune on each of these. Fortunes might say things like, “You will be lucky with money”, “You will receive an important phone call” or “An old friend will visit soon”.

write fortune

How to Use the Paper Fortune Teller:

1. The person whose fortune is being told, picks a color listed on one of the top four flaps.

2. The fortune teller is then opened using your fingertips, back and forth, for the number of letters in the chosen color. For example, if the recipient chooses “red’, the fortune teller will say “R-E-D” as the fortune is moved back and forth.

flip back and forth

3. Next the recipient, is presented with numbers and again, chooses one. The fortune then opens the flap to read the fortune.

You are now the proud owner and operator of your very own origami paper fortune teller. Go and have some fun with it!

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