Gifts For Mom With A Theme


Taking the time to personalize something means that you have spent extra time to think about what your mother would like. A personalized gift does NOT mean that you have to spend a lot of money. You can make something, bu, or order something. Taking the extra time to put together a theme with your personal touch makes the gift for mom remembered for years.

No one knows your mom like you do. So the following are some simple ideas to help you get started creating the perfect themed Mother’s Day gift.

Tea or Coffee

Many moms enjoy their tea or coffee, and a gift with this theme really prompts the idea that you want Mom to have some time to herself. For a tea or coffee theme, try some of these gift ideas.

* Purchase a tea sampler with various flavors or types of tea. If it’s loose tea, include an infuser. Other appropriate items might include a tea cup, a novel or book of poetry, cookies, or sweets.

* A coffee theme might include a coffee-scented candle, mug, flavored creamer, and, if you’re purchasing whole-bean coffee, a grinder. A French coffee press is also a neat gift to include.


Does your mom love to work in the garden? Put together a garden-themed gift and put everything into a big flower pot. Stuff Easter grass or green tissue paper between the gifts. You could include:

* A trowel, book(s) on gardening, some new plants or seeds, gloves, or something for her to kneel on when she’s gardening. Think how you can make it easier for her while still supporting her love of gardening.


Is Mom a movie buff? Get a large, empty popcorn bucket and fill it with:

* Unpopped popcorn, DVDs, a subscription to a monthly movie service, and candies that make you think of the movies (Milk Duds, Sugar Babies, Junior Mints, etc.).

Health Food

Maybe your mother is a health nut. Get a big hemp basket or tote and fill it with some of these healthful goodies.

* Raw nuts, herbal or vitamin supplements (that you know she’d like or that she already uses), natural, organic beauty products, essential oils, organic chocolate, DVDs on healthful exercise that she’s interested in, dried fruit, and whole grain crackers or snack chips. Include a gift certificate to your local health food store, too.


Your mom might be an artist, or wish she were one. Help her realize her dream and let her know you support her with an art-themed gift. Here are some ideas on what to include.

* Pre-stretched canvases or watercolor paper, acrylic, oil, or watercolor paints, brushes, paint thinner/brush cleaner, clay, clay tools, an inspirational book on art (maybe something by her favorite artist).

No matter what your mom likes, you can put together a personal, meaningful Mother’s Day gift that she will always remember.

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