A Gift of Time For Your Mother


There’s lots of times throughout the year that Mom appreciates a gift. Sometimes you just run out of ideas of what to give her that won’t cause clutter, she will use, and it doesn’t have anything to do with household chores. You can give her the gift of time!

Time is the perfect gift because it’s creative, it’s something your mom truly needs, it’s something she’ll use, and it doesn’t take up space in the living room. But how? Here are some ideas for how you can give your mom the gift of time this Mother’s Day.

Sneaky Housecleaning

Offering to clean the house may result in your mom protesting that she doesn’t want you to have to clean. So do it in secret instead – your mom will be surprised and delighted. Arrange a time when your mom is not in the house and you are, and do some housework. Depending on what needs to be done around the house (you’ll have to be observant!), you can catch up on laundry, vacuum, mop, change bedding, clean the bathroom, and so forth.

The more people involved, the faster it will get done, so involve the whole family if possible. If there isn’t much family around, call on your mom’s friends’ family, and you can trade favors and help clean their house for their mom.

Allow Her to Tackle Unfinished Projects

Freeing up some time for Mom to finish projects that are hanging over her head can be a great gift. It might seem contradictory to give your mom the time to work on something, but she will probably be delighted with a chance to get something done that she enjoys and just hasn’t had time to get to. For instance, maybe she wants to finish a sewing project or redecorate a room.

Tackle Unfinished Projects for Her

For moms who aren’t territorial about their projects, you can jump in and finish a project for her, especially if it’s something she wants to get done but doesn’t really like doing. For example, she might have been meaning to clean out the garage forever; go ahead and do it for her. Maybe she wants the laundry room cleaned out, or the bathroom tiles cleaned. Again, you’ll have to pay attention to find out what projects are hanging over her head.

Surprise Dinner and Clean Up

Take some time and cook a special dinner for Mom, and make sure you take time for cleaning up, too. That frees up an evening for your mom to read a book or do something else pleasurable she rarely has time for. Even better, make this a weekly thing.

Leave Her Alone

For some moms, one of the best gifts you can give her is a break from the rest of the family! It may be a bit of a sacrifice, but you’re giving Mom a gift that she will really appreciate (and that she would probably never actually ask for). So get everyone out of the house for a whole day and let Mom have the place to herself. Then, when you return that evening, bring take-out food with you for dinner.

As you can see a gift of time doesn’t have to mean that you personally are spending a lot of time with her, but that you show that you realize she is busy and appreciates getting some time of her own.

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