Eek! Can Your House Be Too Clean?

We all want to avoid disturbing memories of the pizza-encrusted couch cushions that haunt us from our college days. But is it possible that we go too far? Can your house be [...]

How to Get Mud off the Carpet

No matter how careful you are at some point there will be mud tracked into your house. There will be mud carpet stains or on whatever kind of floor you have. Don’t [...]

What to Do with Christmas Leftovers

Continuing along with our stress-free Christmas ideas, let’s talk about food. I used to think Christmas leftovers were a curse, but now I find them to be a blessing [...]

Great Gifts for Geeks 2012

Geek Gift #1: Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair No home decor is complete without this Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair. This officially-licensed chair [...]
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