Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas – Some Fun, Some Romantic and More

Your Valentine’s Day menu depends a great deal on who you’re cooking for. For instance, if you are making Valentine’s dinner for a family that includes small children, the menu will look different than an intimate dinner for two. Following are several different examples of Valentine’s Day dinner menus so you can choose what fits the occasion and diners.

Family Valentine’s

Some families like to include their children in the Valentine’s festivities. Here are some ideas and recipes for a family Valentine’s dinner.

* Heart-Shaped Pizza – This is a really fun kid-pleaser. You can make several individual ones to account for varying tastes, or vary the toppings half and half (heart-shapes are easier to divide evenly than circles!). Top with whatever your family likes and serve on festive paper plates and colorful napkins.

* Round out the meal with strawberry “roses.” Stick fresh strawberries leaf-side-down onto bamboo skewers and serve in a vase at the table.

* Dessert could be chocolate brownies, cut into heart shapes if you like. Or kids love pretty cupcakes decorated with a Valentine theme.

Comfort Food

Sometimes, nothing says “love” like comfort food. Serve these comforting foods in festive dishes, or wrap the outside of conventional dishes in craft foam and ribbon (once they’re out of the oven and on the table, that is!).

* Pot roast with potatoes and carrots is a favorite comfort food for many people. Wrap the casserole dish in pretty ribbon or craft foam when you serve it.

* Serve mashed potatoes in a heart-shaped ring on a pretty dish.

* Try a red Jell-O salad to go with it.

Romantic Dinner for Two

Beef is traditional, romantic dinner fare – but how to prepare it? Here are some ideas.

* Filet mignon is a treat, and served medium rare (or however your diner likes it) it is a decadent and romantic dish. You can also do beef kabobs with red bell peppers, onions, and cherry tomatoes.

* On the side, you can serve simple sliced tomatoes or steamed haricot verts with cherry tomato slices.

* Pasta tossed with grape tomatoes makes a romantic dinner entree as well – arrange the tomatoes in a heart shape on the pasta.

* Red velvet cake makes a romantic dessert.

Dinner with Friends

Maybe you are just getting together with friends for a Valentine’s dinner. Try some of these ideas.

* Serve cheese fondue for the main course, and you’ve got a great dinner for a crowd. Fondue can be fun for romantic couples, too, who can dip bits of food and serve them to each other. For fun, have a few pieces of heart-shaped toast (cut heart shapes out of bread before toasting).

* Chocolate fondue makes a great dessert with raspberries, strawberries, and other fruits.

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