Valentines Day Decoration Ideas

To bring the warm, red, loving colors of Valentine’s Day into and around your home, you can employ some very simple decorating ideas. Here are some ideas.

Heart Garland

To make a heart garland, you’ll need red, pink, and purple construction paper (or whatever colors your like that fit the theme), a one-hole punch, and red, pink, or purple yarn. Cut hearts out of the construction paper. You can vary the sizes or make them all one uniform size. Then use the hole punch to put a hole in the top of every heart. Run the yarn through the holes to make as long a garland as you like.

Variation: include doilies in the garland.

Candy Box Door Decoration

For this project, you’ll need a large, empty, heart-shaped candy box, tissue paper in appropriate colors, cotton balls, craft glue/hot glue gun, scissors, and yarn or thread.

Using the top or bottom of the box, lay it on a table with the open side up. Cut or tear tissue paper into pieces about 4 inches square. Place a cotton ball into each square, and gather the tissue around the cotton ball and tie it shut with yarn or thread. You should have a ball with a tufted top. Glue this down into the heart-shaped box.

Continue until you have a box full of tissue “candy.” Be sure to vary the colors and distribute them evenly. Then glue a small loop of yarn or thread to the top of the box to make a hanger.

Festive Bows

Use colorful tulle to make bows and swags on your mirrors and wall art.

Cinnamon Candy Candles

Transform clear votive candle holders into festive ones by putting little cinnamon candies in the bottom of each holder. They will help hold up the votive, too.

Romantic Placemats

Cut large hearts out of pink, red, purple, and/or while craft foam. Then use acrylic paints to decorate them in festive designs. One idea is the use a lace doily as a stencil – lay the doily on the foam heart and, with a stenciling brush dipped in a contrasting color of paint, apply the color through the doily holes. Allow to dry and serve up your romantic meal.

Pretty Pockets

Using craft foam or card stock, cut out two identical heart shapes (tracing a template is a good idea). Then you’ll need a hot glue gun and yarn or ribbon.

Lay one of the heart shapes down, and then cut a length of yarn/ribbon (about 16 inches). Glue the loose ends of the yarn down on the heart along the sides. Then glue the second heart on top, but leave the top curves unglued. The yarn/ribbon should be glued between two hearts, and the top should be left open for treats or decorative tissue paper.

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