Halloween Party Ideas For Adults

Halloween is not just for kids. Adults can enjoy a fun Halloween party, too, even on a budget. Here are some low-cost ideas for a great Halloween party for adults.


You can take the Halloween idea and derive quite a few appropriate themes. Choosing a fun theme can make for a great party without a lot of cost. Here are some ideas.

* Classic horror movies – Decorate your home according to the themes and images in various classic horror movies, such as mummies, vampires, and zombies. Borrow movie posters from friends, or glean them from yard sales, flea markets and antique shops. If you like, rent and show some of the classic films at your party.

* King Tut/Egyptian pyramid – Legends abound as to the haunted nature of the pyramids. An Egyptian mummy theme featuring the famous King Tut offers lots of possibilities for games, decorations, and food.

* Haunted house – This is an oldie but a goodie. You can choose a historical period, such as a Victorian Era house or a medieval haunted castle theme.

* Costume party – Adults don’t often get a chance to dress up; hold an old-fashioned costume party to let the adults have fun dressing up too! Costume parties can have various themes, perhaps based on a period in history, movie, or just whatever!


Depending on your theme, decorations can be fun to make and look at, and they do not need to be expensive. Here are some suggestions.

* Black plastic bags or dark red plastic tablecloths can be used as “curtains” to darken the room.

* Paint creepy outdoor scenes on a piece of cardboard or poster board, and place on the inside of the window surrounded by dark curtains.

* Stretch cotton balls to make spider webs. You can often find a bag of cotton balls for a dollar or less.

* Cut out bat shapes from black construction paper and cover the walls with them.

* Latex gloves can be filled with colored water or juice, frozen, and used as ice in a punch bowl (cut the gloves off to release the ice hand).


Food can be one of the most significant expenses of a party. But with a little clever planning, you can serve great Halloween food without breaking the budget. Here are some ideas.

* Instead of meatballs, serve that old stand-by of the budget-conscious: meatloaf. Only shape the meatloaf like a body, cover it with ketchup, and leave a plastic knife sticking out of the chest area. Something cheap becomes something cleverly creepy!

* Stick chocolate chips into marshmallows to make eyeballs.

* Cut hotdogs into finger shapes – cut small slits for “knuckles.” Use almond slivers for fingernails, or to save money, just cut fingernail shapes. Douse the “fingers” with ketchup.

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