How To Reduce Stress – Naturally

Many people look for natural ways to deal with daily stress. It’s probably a good idea to deal with it each day, too, so that the stress does not get “held in” and therefore is allowed to wreak havoc on your health.

Here are some tips for dealing with everyday stress the natural way.

Consider What You Eat

Stress relief may be as close as your dinner plate. While it’s not going to magically remove all stressful things from your life, a healthy diet can really help you deal positively with life’s stressors. Some foods to include in your stress-management diet include nuts, seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.

Prepare for Little Things

As you work to reduce and deal with everyday stress, it helps to prevent those little stressors that can add up to make a very bad day. Here are some little things to remember each day (you can even make a list and post it beside the front door so you’ll see it before you leave the house, and so you don’t have to try and remember all these things):

* Have an extra car key handy on your person (around your neck, in a pocket, etc.) so you don’t lock your only key in the car by accident.

* Have snacks on hand in case your favorite lunch place is closed or if you get stuck in traffic and can’t get home or to a restaurant to eat. Also, snacking on healthy foods helps keep blood sugar steady, which may help reduce stress symptoms.

* Keep water or a drink handy.

* Check your finances before you leave the house: coupons, wallet, check book, credit cards, etc. Take stock of what you have so you don’t stress yourself out trying to figure out what you can and can’t afford.

Listen to Music

Choose music that is calming and peaceful, and play it throughout the day or whenever you can. You may not even pay much attention to it after a while, but it is probably affecting your stress levels (in a good way!).


Regular exercise has been shown to greatly reduce stress. The key, sources say, is to exercise daily so that your everyday stresses are “worked out,” so to speak. Exercise helps basically every body system, and gives you a much-needed energy boost that can help you handle the stressors that come your way each day.

Deep Breathing

Slow, deep, regular breaths are said to help stress. Periodically during the day, you can stop and take 5 to 10 deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Breathing out should be as slow as breathing in. When you breathe in, it’s recommended that you “aim” toward your belly button, as though breathing into your lower abdomen.


Regular stretching exercises help loosen tight, tense muscles and increase circulation. A few minutes of stretching at intervals throughout the day can have a positive effect on your stress levels.

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