Keep Baby Warm In Winter

Your newborn baby seems so vulnerable – and he is! While it’s true that newborns are more delicate than adults in some ways, you can take some cues from your own body as to how to dress your newborn this winter. Here are some top tips for keeping that baby warm.

How Are You Dressed?

Okay, you may not have matching outfits for your newborn – but think about what keeps you comfortable and how you want to dress when you go outside. Do you want to wear a wool sweater, thermal underwear, and gloves? Your baby probably would benefit from layers, too. This also helps when you go into a building for a while between outdoor exposure – being able to peel off a layer while indoors can help keep baby much more comfortable.

Sources suggest dressing baby in the same number of layers as you are, but with one extra layer added. This makes sense if you’re going to be out in the cold for more than a few minutes.

What Type of Clothing?

Chances are, you’re not wearing a onesie or jumpsuit with snaps, so the guidelines about dressing your baby as yourself only go so far. Many moms agree that cotton jumpsuits and sleepers are a great place to start, and you can work outward from there. Add a sweater or thick sweat pants, or wrap baby in blankets. Think soft, thick, and easy to get on and off. Ease of diaper access is important, too.


Blankets are indispensable newborn “apparel.” They can be taken off or laid over a baby, laid down on the floor to make an area for napping or play, or you can use them for wrapping her up against the cold. Blankets are nice because they can be whipped on and off – bundle baby for the walk to the car, for instance, then remove the blanket after the car gets nice and warm.

Cover the Head and Ears

Many a parent knows the woes of newborn ear infections. While cold can’t cause an infection, it can cause ear pain that may lead to an infection. So it’s a good idea for newborns to have a snug cap that covers their ears when going out in the cold. And once again, the hat can be easily removed once you’re inside a warm car or building.

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