Dull Skin Remedies

Regardless of your age and skin type, you may have difficulty with dull-looking skin. If you’d like to restore some of your skin’s glow, here are some suggestions.


Yes, what you eat does affect your skin, and it’s a good place to start. Getting into the habit of eating a healthy, skin-friendly diet will boost and enhance your topical skin-care efforts.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are, of course, key components to a diet that is good for the skin. But certain foods contain vitamins and minerals that are purported to promote radiant skin. Here is a partial list:

* Spinach (Vitamin A)
* Sweet potatoes (Vitamin A)
* Nuts and seeds (healthy fats and antioxidants)
* Berries (antioxidants and Vitamin C)
* Avocados (healthy fats, Vitamin E)
* Citrus fruits (Vitamin C)
* Raw bell peppers (Vitamin C)
* Cantaloupe (Vitamin C and A)
* Turkey (zinc)
* Salmon (healthy fats and zinc)
* Brown rice and other whole grains (B vitamins)
* Olive oil (healthy fats)

So a diet that emphasizes whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and poultry (the kind of diet that’s been generally considered the healthiest for years) is best for your skin.


Exercise is important even for your skin. For one thing, exercise promotes healthy circulation and blood flow to the skin. It is through the flow of blood that the body clears toxins out of the body, including the skin. And blood carries oxygen and vital nutrients to skin.

Another way in which exercise may restore your skin’s glow is by reducing stress and the “worry lines” that go with it. Stress reduction may also balance your hormones, reducing hormone-related skin problems.


Adequate rest is important for skin health – it’s called “beauty sleep” for a reason! Tired skin looks saggy and undereye skin can develop dark circles or puffiness. So make a point of getting those eight hours of sleep and, if possible, make some time to rest in the afternoon if you’re short on sleep.


Finally we’re talking about topical treatments! Weekly exfoliating treatments are considered important for glowing skin. You can make your own exfoliant or purchase one, but make sure it fits your skin type. Exfoliants should be gentle, not harsh.


Honey, yogurt, and sweet almond oil are key ingredients in homemade cleansers that give skin radiance. You can make your own moisturizing cleanser by mixing 1/4 Greek yogurt with 1/2 teaspoon raw honey and 1/4 teaspoon sweet almond oil. You can also purchase cleansers specific to your skin’s problems, such as cleansers for dry skin, wrinkles, or oily skin.

Experts generally agree that using harsh soap, especially on a regular basis, is not good for skin. Soap-free cleansers are commercially available, or you can make your own as noted above.

Sun Exposure

One of the most overlooked culprits in dull skin is sunshine. If you really want to restore a youthful glow, limiting or eliminating direct sun exposure is a good idea. Consider wearing a daily sunscreen on your face and exposed skin. You can even purchase moisturizer/sunscreen/liquid make-up combinations.

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