Making Friends Crafts Review – Online Kids Crafts

making friends logo Making Friends is a crafts site with hundreds upon hundreds of creative crafts to choose from. They use a unique dropdown menu style of navigation that allows you to sort by materials, who it’s for, themes and more. Find them at Finding the Crafts You Want Choose one of the five categories of drop downs from the menu. Just click on one of the options in the dropdown menu to automatically be taken to that page. crafts dropdown menu

Once you’ve selected the type of crafts you want, you’ll be taken to a sub page with a listing of all the crafts of that type.

magnet crafts example

When you click on the specific craft you want to make, you’ll be taken to the specific page that teaches you how to make that craft.

instructions for money ball

Find Cool Crafts Products

Want to find some cool craft products for your kids? Just scroll down on the main page to find a few great products, hand selected and placed into boxes.

find products

Free Mail In Samples

Want some free samples of various different kinds of crafts? Just mail in $2 to $3 to cover the shipping and these companies will send you a free sample of their products!

Just click on the “Mail-In Samples” or “Online Coupon” button to get to the free products.

free products

You’ll then see a list of products you can for free.

free stuff example

Making Friends is an easy to navigate site with hundreds upon hundreds of different crafts to choose from. They also have both paid and free products you can easily find on their site.

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