Crafting Fun for the Whole Family

Sometimes it’s ideal to set the children down at the table, give them a craft to work on and then enjoy the focused peace and quiet that lasts for about five minutes! Other times, it’s more fun to have the entire family get involved in a craft project. It creates a sense of togetherness, shows your children that you enjoy focused time with them, and the results of the project can be appreciated and enjoyed by everyone. Here are a few family craft projects to consider doing as a family.

Family Tree Projects: Family trees are an excellent way to connect with your heritage and to teach your children about where they come from. Family tree projects can be created by making a collage from copies of old family photos. Depending on the age of your children you can also create a mural taking your ancestry back as far as you can. Smaller children will enjoy placing names or pictures on cut out green leaves and positioning them on a felt tree or a hand drawn tree.

Garden Crafts: Garden craft projects are exceptional because they not only allow your children to create something permanent they teach your children about growing and taking care of the planet. Projects can be as simple as creating small seedling planters and painting or decorating the containers to creating elaborate yard art. Bird baths, luminaries, stepping stones, and wind chimes are all fun projects for the entire family.

Pinatas and other holiday crafts. Pinatas are a blast to make and even more fun to tear apart. Family members can join together to create a fun family decoration and party favor for an upcoming celebration or use the piñata as an excuse for a celebration! Pinatas require a balloon, paper mache tools, paint and candy or party favors inside. Children can be involved in the entire process while parents oversee it or parents can join in and get arm deep in sticky paper mache – it’s fun! Of course letting it dry is the difficult part and a piñata usually takes several days to make. However the end result and the smile on your children’s faces as they dive for the goodies as they tumble out is more than worth it.

Other holiday crafts include Christmas tree decorations, Halloween masks, and Earth Day tye dye t-shirts!

Family crafts are a great way to spend a rainy afternoon, a fantastic way to create a holiday tradition and always a superior way to connect as a family and give them memories and love.

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