ShopLocal Research: Tips for Using ShopLocal

ShopLocal Logo ShopLocal is a website that allows you to browse weekly ads and discounts from local retailers. Their ads come from many major retailers, including Home Depot, Sears, JCPenny and more. They feature discounts on products from jewelry to electronics to furniture. There are a few different ways to use the site. The first and easiest way to use the site is to simply browse using it’s weekly ad rotation system. weekly ad rotation

Use the left and right arrows to nagivate between ads. Whenever you see an ad for a store you want, click on the ad to see a larger version of the ad.

If you see a price you like on the ad, just print out that ad and bring it into the store.

Another way to use the store is to browse by top deals or categories.

Top Deals or Categories

In each of these categories, you’ll see specific deals listed like this:

ShopLocal listing example

Just click on the “Weekly Ad” to see the ad for the specific product.

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