Google Search for Product Comparisons

Google Logo Google is one of the most powerful tools available for researching various different products. Here are a few tips for researching products and prices. Searching for Reviews Searching for reviews can be a bit tough on Google, because there are so many reviews that are financially compensated. In other words, affiliate marketers making commissions on products will write artificially inflated reviews to try and make sales. Many of these rank in Google. That said, by reading a few reviews and piecing together a complete story you can often figure out what the best aspects and worse aspects of a product are. To find these results, just type in your product name + review. For example:

  • “AirMaster 1080 Airbed Review”
  • “Toshiba Satellite 8600 Review”
  • “Sony Bose Headphone Review”
reviews on Google

Product Comparisons

Finding product comparisons can be a powerful way to figure out which product to buy. To find a product comparison, search for two product names plus the word “comparison.”

For example:

  • “Toshiba Compaq Comparison”
  • “Vitamix Cousineart Comparison”

You might also try adding the word VS or Versus:

  • “Hostgator VS 1on1 comparison”
  • “Wordpress versus Blogger comparison”

google product comparisons

Finding the Top Product

If you have a generic product you want to purchase and don’t know which is the best one, type in keywords like “best” or “top” and see what other people’s recommendations are.

For example:

  • “Best headphones”
  • “Top 10 earbuds”
  • “Best bass headphones”

And so on. Once you have a specific model, do more research on that model by searching for reviews and comparisons as shown above.

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