Product Reviews

Review: Economy Santa Suit

Where to buy: Well, it is that time of the year again where Santas seem to take over the shopping malls, Christmas parties, and pay visits to daycare [...]

Review: Elf Dog with Pom Poms Costume

Where to buy: Create a bit of holiday cheer with this Elf Dog Costume. It is a cute outfit that will look absolutely adorable on your four-legged friend. [...]

Review: Tree Advent Calendar

Where to buy: I always thought that the time before Christmas and its anticipation is more exciting than the day itself. As a kid, I loved advent, [...]

Review: Lomographic Holga Starter Kit

Where to buy: In a time where we all seem to be going digital, the Holga seems to be a bit of an oddity. The Holga camera was invented in 1982. This basic and [...]
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