Review: Northern Lights Candles Jewel Box Giftset

Where to buy:

It’s the time of giving and in case you are still looking for some lovely presents that won’t cost the earth but are nevertheless attractive, you might consider the Northern Lights Candles Jewel Box Giftset.

The gift set consists of a cardboard box lined with attractive and stylish fabric (brown with delicate flowers) and a decorative tassel. Inside the box are three compartments with 4 votive candles in each compartment. Each set contains one brown, one blue, one orange and one yellow candle as well as a glass holder.

Once lit, scents like Sweet Pea, Ginger Tea & Honey and Warm Cinnamon Buns will be wafting through your house and create festive smells.

Overall, I like the presentation of the gift box, the choice of candles and scents and the price. It would certainly make a wonderful gift for a special person.

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