Review: iHome Bike to Beach Bicycle Speaker for iPod

Where to buy:

The iHome Bike to Beach Bicycle Speaker for iPod is a fun product which allows you to listen to your favorite music while cycling. The kit comes with a wireless remote control mounted on the handlebars for easy and safe iPod control. This includes changing volume, fast forward and reverse, play and pause. The speaker comes in a water-resistant case to keep it undamaged from rain.

The kit comes with all the necessary mounting brackets and screws for your dock and speaker and step-by-step instructions. Also included is an AC Adaptor to charge your iPod at home and a universal iPod dock. The high-fidelity Reson8 speaker system gives you superior sound quality while listening to your favorite tunes while exploring the countryside with your bike, at home, on the beach or wherever else in the great outdoors you might want to listen to your music.

The speaker system is compatible with iPod 4th, 5th Generation, iPod mini and nano.

I think that if you like to share your iPod tunes with your friends while being outdoors, this speaker system would make a great purchase.

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