If Lemon Burns Fat – Here’s How to Get it in Your Diet

At any given time of the day or night, someone decides they need to lose weight. Recent health studies have indicated lemon may be useful in shedding extra pounds. If you’re not accustomed to using lemon, here are some easy ways of adding lemon to your daily diet.

It’s easiest to add new things to your diet a little at a time rather than making huge changes all at once. By making small changes along the way and mastering them, it will be easier for you make life-long changes to how and what you eat. Begin by making one small change, doing it consistently day in and day out, until that change becomes a habit. Then you can start with another small change and so on until you’ve overhauled the entire way you eat.

Besides aiding in weight loss, what other reasons would you have to add lemon to your diet? It is full of vitamin C, antioxidants and a wide variety of other minerals. Lemons are also easier to include in your diet than some other foods which may have similar health benefits.

Vitamin C is needed to boost your body’s immune system. Lemons are a great source of vitamin C, with 1/4 cup of lemon juice supplying 45 percent of your body’s daily need. The ascorbic acid in lemons also helps produce collagen which can help your skin look youthful. You only need two ounces daily to improve your skin’s appearance.

Place a slice or two of lemon in a glass of ice water. You’ll experience a refreshing drink and diuretic effects from the lemon, and your body will have to heat up the ice water before it can utilize it.

Speaking of refreshing drinks, when was the last time you had freshly squeezed lemonade? There’s nothing quite like the pucker you can get from lemonade. When you make it with real lemons rather than powdered, you’ll receive the health benefits of the lemons as well as have an enjoyable beverage.

Add a little bit of lemon to a cup of hot water when you get up in the morning before eating anything. The lemon stimulates the production of some enzymes, increases the production of bile and makes digesting your food easier. Lemons are full of citric acid and will help cleanse the blood.

Find a citrus vinaigrette recipe to use the next time you have a tossed salad. The citrus will give your salad an entirely different taste. If you’re not interested in making this type of salad dressing, you can simply squeeze the lemon over the salad and enjoy.

Many people who enjoy eating fish will squeeze lemon, lime or orange juice on their fish prior to eating it. The acid from the lemon can actually ‘cook’ seafood to a degree. You might like to give this idea a try when adding lemon to your diet.

There are many easy ways of adding lemon to your daily diet. Use your imagination and come up with some ideas which sound good to you.

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