Review: Elf Dog with Pom Poms Costume

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Create a bit of holiday cheer with this Elf Dog Costume. It is a cute outfit that will look absolutely adorable on your four-legged friend. The costume includes an elf-green tunic with attached green collar with red pom poms. The hat, in the same color, also has funky pom poms and will look very mischievous. The matching cuffs complete the outfit.

The costume can be purchased in four different sizes, depending on the size of your dog.

Overall, this costume is a great way of dressing up your dog for the festive season. This will, for sure, make your pooch stand out. But obviously, costumes are only for dogs who enjoy – or at least don’t mind – wearing them or parading around in them. So, if you have a fashion-conscious pooch, this Elf Dog Costume with red pom poms will certainly turn a few heads.

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