Lemon Burns Fat

Can you think of anything quite as refreshing as ice water with a squirt of fresh lemon on a hot day? Did you know that adding lemon to your diet can actually help you lose [...]

Cinammon Health Benefits

It’s amazing how common things we enjoy are often found to be good for us. In this instance it’s the spice cinnamon. Are you aware of the many health benefits of [...]

Get Healthy: Family Ice Skating

Families that play together stay together, or at least that’s how the saying goes. If you take some time to have fun together it can reduce stress among family members. You [...]

Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

Cold and flu season is upon us and you may not feel comfortable about taking too many over-the-counter medicines. There are natural alternatives to build your immune system [...]

Fire Escape Plan for Your Home

Every year nearly two million homes are destroyed by fire. In fact, fire departments are called every 90 seconds to respond to a home fire. Since fires are so destructive, do [...]
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