Family Fitness: Have Fun without Feeling Like You’re Exercising

You have heard all of the health experts sounding off about the lack of physical activity that people engage in these days. These experts cite a number of valid and reputable studies that show that daily physical activity is important for both the physical health of people as well as their emotional health. For this reason, it is important that your entire family engage in some type of physical activity. It is preferable that this activity be every day. However, at least three times per week is a good frequency to aim for. Sometimes it can be difficult to engage in such activities if they feel too much like exercising. You can, however, have fun while still receiving the benefits of exercise.

Take a bike ride. All ages and abilities can engage in biking. Your teens, for example, can bring their friends and explore a little on their own. If you have any toddlers or preschoolers, they can ride in a bike cart attached to your own bike. As they get a little older, these kids can graduate to a bike with training wheels and ride alongside of you.

Invest in a family gym membership. Most gyms offer programs and activities that meet a wide range in ages and interests. Racquet ball, for example, is competitive enough for teens to enjoy while flexible enough to accommodate the younger set if needed. Indeed, there are many children of grade school age who love to chase the balls around. Pool time at the gym does not need to mean swimming endless, boring laps. Think of pool time as water play time instead. Although it might not seem like it, all that twisting and turning that occurs during pool games counts for points in the family fitness program.

Introduce your family to your childhood games. Refresh your family on the rules for tag or hide and seek then run around the yard. Or you could draw a hopscotch grid on the sidewalk or on the side of the road. Briefly explain the rules for hopscotch then join your entire family as they laugh and play together. Another option for family fitness is to kick a soccer ball around while trying to score a goal. Many people have fond memories of playing mini golf when they were kids. If your kids have never played, find a mini golf establishment in your area and introduce them to the fun and fitness of the sport.

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